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The hama process

'A fusion of character & Purity'

Born from 100% molasses, our rum commences its journey in Jamaica.
HAMA Rum's distinctive character lies in the dual nature of its fermentation process.
Controlled fermentation: A 48 hour, fully controlled fermentation, creating a light-bodied base.
Wild fermentation: An unhurried journey, taking up to 2 weeks, producing a rich & complex profile.
Both of these batches are individually distilled, then blended together to reach the optimum balance of purity & character.
Our Jamaican-distilled rum lands on British soil, where it is cut to strength using pure British water. This enhances the smoothness of our rum, while preserving its robust flavours and rich aroma.
Our 'Signature' rum is then ready to be bottled, with zero additives & zero added sugar, as the quality is so high.
For our Berry & Madagascan Vanilla infused rum’s, we steep our Signature rum in a medley of carefully chosen ingredients, allowing ample time for the rum to absorb and blend with the infusions.
Both rum's deliver exceptional & unique taste profiles.