A Fusion of Character and Purity
Born from 100% molasses, our rum commences its journey in Jamaica, absorbing the spirit of the island.
HAMA Rum's distinctive character lies in the dual nature of its fermentation process. The first fermentation is quick and controlled, yielding a pure and clean distillate. In contrast, the second fermentation is a wild, unhurried journey, producing a rich, characterful profile. Both batches are then individually distilled.
These contrasting distillates are carefully blended together, striking a perfect balance between purity and depth. The result is a unique rum that reflects our devotion to crafting the ultimate white rum.
Our meticulously crafted rum lands on British soil, where it is cut to strength using pure British water. This vital step enhances the smoothness of our rum, while preserving its robust flavours and rich aroma.
Our infusion process unfolds on in the UK for our exquisite range of infused rums. We steep our high-quality rum in a medley of carefully chosen flavours, allowing ample time for the rum to absorb and blend with the infusions. Our Berry & Madagascan Vanilla infused rum’s are both highly unique, delivering an unforgettable sensory experience.
At Hama Rum, every bottle is a journey – our rum is a testament to tradition, craft, and the pursuit of excellence. Savour the spirit of HAMA, a fusion of character and purity.